Shaykh Abdul Aziz al Zahrani

His full name is Abdul Aziz bin Saleh bin Ahmad bin Muhammad Az-Zahrani. He is from the Kingdom Saudi Arabia and is amongst the most popular Imams in Jeddah.

He was brought up in a Quranic family being guided by both parents, his father too was a Hafiz of the Qur’an.. Sheikh Abdulaziz was able to memorize the whole Quran at the age of 15 years old. He was also an Imam alongside with his brother Sheikh Abdulrahman Az-Zahrani in a mosque that was supervised by their father.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al Zahrani has been Imam in Ibn Al Yamani Mosque alongside being a teacher in al Subaie Mosque, both in Jeddah. In addition, he was appointed as an Imam of the Taraweeh prayers in the King Fahd’s Mosque in Jeddah.


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