Bringing the light of the Qur’an to every household.

About Us

A Qari is the one who recites the book of Allah in a perfect and proficient manner. Qurra denotes the plural of Qari, reciters who have mastered the art of recitation.

As never seen before, Al Qurra Foundation brings many reciters from across the world under a united banner to spread the message of Qur’an across the world. Our Foundation aims to bring the light of the Qur’an across the world with the support and expertise of all our scholars.

Each scholar is known for their unique qualities which will God willing be exemplified in different communities across the world.

Al Qurra Foundation will be working with mosques, organisations, communities and charities in Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East.

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Let's bring the light of the Qur'an into every household

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